Jeff has practiced in the areas of business law, civil litigation, real estate and commercial mediation for almost 30 years. He was called to the Bar in 1982.

He was formerly the Managing Partner and a member of the Executive team of his law firm, managing over 150 professionals and staff. In addition he chaired the firm's Marketing Committee and sat on the Strategic Management Committee.

He has broad management experience in the areas of marketing, advertising and law practice development, human resource and staffing issues, lawyer, team and group coaching, partnership compensation and strategic planning for law firms. He also acts as a mediator for law partnership disputes and conflicts.

In addition, Jeff has a wealth of management, marketing and e-commerce experience as a business owner. Recently, Jeff sold his multi-million dollar family business, built from the ground-up over 25 years, to a large, national corporation.

Jeff also served for many years as a volunteer with the Bar's Lawyer's Assistance Programs helping lawyers address practice and work/life balance issues.

Jeff has a degree in professional coaching from CoachU, one of the leading coaching education programs in the world.

Jeff has a special interest in fitness and nutrition and holds a Black Belt in Karate and practices Chen Style Tai Chi.













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